Installing Ikea Window Shades

Before I found these super inexpensive  and easy to install Ikea window shades I was literally using blankets nailed to my walls!! What was wrong with me? What was I thinking?

I will tell you what I was thinking: “I am not sure what I want on these windows yet but I know I don’t want people looking into my home.”

So, I did something quick and easy and just hammered a few nails into a few blankets and nailed them into my window frames = FAIL

That was so unnecessary! I did some research on Google and finally came across a super inexpensive and easy alternative = IKEA SCHOTTIS!! WOW, I wish I would have done this from day one. They are only $2.99 each!! That’s It!! 

window 1

No tools necessary to install, besides a pair of scissors. 

Watch my “How To” Video on Youtube for step by step instructions.

It’s really easy.


Step One: Order them on the Ikea website: HERE

Step Two: Measure the width of your windows and use a Utility Knife to cut them to size. You can find one on Amazon right HERE.

To cut them just lay them flat against a hard surface that won’t scratch (I did this outside on the pavement) and press the utility knife straight down into the top (where the adhesive strip it) and CUT! EASY!

Step Three: Test the size out by holding them in place where you intend to install them. They should fit under the top of your window frame.

Step Four: Remove the adhesive and firmly press them into the top of your window frame.

Step Five: Gently release them and let them hang in place while attached the clips to the bottom (one to each side) to weigh the shades down you cut the three pieces of Velcro to secure them to the bottom of your window frame.

Step Six: Cut three equal sized pieces of Velcro and keep them connected. Only remove the sticker from one of the sides where the adhesive is located and place two of them in the center of the clips and one of the, in-between those two pieces in the middle of the bottom of the shade.

Step Seven: Remove the sticker from the underside of the Velcro strips, and pull down the shade to secure the adhesive to the bottom of your window frame!


If you want to release them for light, simply detach the Velcro strips from one another.

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