women-458619_640I’ve had enough. I am just going to say it, BEING OVERWEIGHT IS NOT SEXY! Wait! Before you get all bent out of shape (ha, pun intended), the general idea of “accepting” your body the way it is at a given moment can be advantageous and very positive. Being able to accept your current circumstances is a gift but it is also a curse. People accept things all the time; they accept their crappy jobs, their lack of education, their terrible relationships and even unfortunate situations that they find themselves in, even when they know how bad these thing are. However, here lies the problem; accepting things that you CAN CHANGE but for whatever reason (laziness, lack of ambition, lack of motivation, lack of dedication, fear …) you choose not to change is unacceptable. Instead of deciding to find a better way to live, people choose to embrace adversity with this new and ever more common attitude that “it’s okay to be this way” or to “be proud of the skin you are in.” This type of thinking is poisonous and it breeds more and more dysfunction and unhealthiness.

Take a minute to think about what you are actually accepting and think about what it’s worth to you. Being overweight, obese, or fat (if you are clinically unhealthy in these states), is not “okay” and calling these unhealthy conditions – “curvy” or “plus size” to make accepting them more justifiable does not make them sexy! It is not sexy, cute, cool, empowering, or ideal to be unhealthy and merely relabeling these completely preventable and reversible conditions is just as much of an attempt at brainwashing us as the media telling women they should look like Barbie. Being overweight in an unhealthy manner is a condition that many individuals have accepted for so long that they have gotten to a point of no return in their minds. It really IS in their minds because it is never too late to regain control over yourself and to commit to being healthier.

I have read the headlines, Tess Holliday is making history by being the first model of her size to be signed to a major modeling agency. Tess Holliday is “redefining beauty.” According to one blog she’s “using her curvy, inked up body as a platform to ignite a conversation about body acceptance through her social media movement #EffYourBeautyStandards.”  If this isn’t a cry for help, I don’t know what is! Don’t get all up in arms, especially you ladies! Are you REALLY convinced that Tess Holliday would not choose to be at a healthier weight if there was a way to magically change her body right this minute without any effort on her part? If no cameras were around and she was given the CHOICE, are you really so naive to think that she would “accept” the current condition that her body is in over a more healthy one? I call #BULLSHIT.

You can dress unhealthy circumstances any way you want, you can dress fat in lingerie, tattoos and makeup and you can dress fat in the most fashionable clothing but when you peel all that stuff away it is still FAT and it is never going to be the best condition for the human body. selfie-465560_1280This is dressing a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I challenge you NOT to “accept people just the way they are” and I won’t accept myself just the way I am. All of us, including myself, have a lot of changing to do, for the better. I will not accept someone just the way they are if I know they have so much potential to be better. I can love a person in whatever state they are in but I will do my very best to encourage them to be better, I will build them up and help them to be the best they can be and challenge them to never stop learning to be better. I challenge myself every single day to rise above mediocrity.

If Tess uses her new position in life as leverage to get healthy and be a role model to women, showing them that you can accept your body the way it is until you get to a place where you can change it for the better then I respect her and she deserves praise. On the other hand, it’s dangerous to think that being overweight is a new beauty standard that her and other plus size models will have to uphold in order to maintain their acclaim. Instead of bettering herself she may believe she must maintain her current condition in order to be accepted under the umbrella of these new ideals. Being too thin is unhealthy as well, either extreme whether it’s being too fat or too thin is not ideal. Being at a healthy weight for your height and being educated about what is best for your particular body is what is important. I can guarantee you being 5’5 and a size 22 is not healthy. If you need more information on Obesity please click HERE.

The Mayo Clinic states that “Obesity isn’t just a cosmetic concern, it increases your risk of diseases, and health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.” That’s not sexy.

Tess Holliday is not changing the media, the media is changing because society is changing. Companies know that people have become lazier, fatter and more unhealthy than ever and they want you to identify with their products and services. They need your business and they don’t care what the cost is to you, even if it costs you your health. This new “I don’t care” attitude is affecting sales of products and the media is using poor people like Tess Holliday as a spokesperson to promote their businesses and to capitalize on the unfortunate state that the majority of our society is in and so many of you are just “eating it up.”