The No Contact Rule

In this video I discuss Chapter 2 in “It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken” which focuses on NOT CONTACTING YOUR EX! It’s true, this is why you shouldn’t contact your ex after a breakup.

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THE FIRST BOOK: “Its Called a Breakup, because It’s Broken.”

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There are times when we will end up making some type of contact which I will go into later but when someone breaks up with you there really are no good reasons to give them any time and effort. I explain why. Follow along in the book we are reading to find out why you should not contact your ex, at least until you are in a better place following your breakup!

Breakups are something we all fear and hate and I know all too well how hard they are to get over and how hard it is to feel like yourself again. I will guide you through every step of your breakup with expert advice and personal experience. I will become your Breakup Buddy and your support system in this time of need. Join me in my Breakup Book Club, where we begin to read along as a group in the first resource to help overcome and understand being dumped. This entire process including reading to educate yourself, will keep you distracted and help you not to contact your ex.

I want to have fun with this so PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM (username: Kimbyrleigha) and HASHTAG #Breakupbookclub with pictures of the books we are reading. I plan to do prizes for people participating; maybe gift cards for massages and pampering or other resources like more books for you to read.

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