Should you have sex with your ex?

SEX WITH YOUR EX!!! Should you have sex with your ex? Will it make them want you more? IS sex a way to get your ex back? Does sex make your ex love you more? Watch this video to find out the truth about whether sex with your ex is a good or bad idea! I help you make sense of breakups and relationships. I give you blunt, honest and expert advice about heartache, breakups and getting your ex back! If you need one-on-one advice I am here, just CLICK HERE to talk to me now.

Many people have a misconception that if they still allow their ex to be with them even in the smallest way (which is really a big way) by merely having sex with them, their ex will maintain feelings for them and ultimately get back with them!! Let’s really think about this though!! You are smart! The saying “why by the cow when you can get the milk for free” definitely applies in this situation! Why would your ex commit to you when they are being given their CAKE and ICE CREAM TOO! Don’t confuse lust with love! I am always here to provide the most honest, blunt and forthcoming relationship and breakup advice that I can give.