The No Contact Rule

The No Contact Rule could BACKFIRE so find out what it REALLY IS and how it REALLY should be used! OPEN FOR MORE!

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–Great Books For Either Gender–
Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus:
It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken:

**Great Books For Women**
He’s Just Not That Into You:

There are so many misconceptions about what the “No Contact Rule” really is and how to apply it when you have gone through a break up. The No Contact Rule doesn’t work in every situation and it can seriously backfire! That is why it’s so important to understand what the No Contact Rule really is and what it is NOT!

The No Contact Rule is a psychological tactic that is supposed to help you heal from the break up and create the space needed for you and your take a breather and step back from all the pain and emotions.

The No Contact Rule isn’t about making your ex jealous or making them miss you so if you’re applying it this way you’re doing it all wrong and you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Watch my video to find out what The No Contact rule really is and how you really should be applying it!

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